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Episode 39 - Rocky

One third of the Confession Crew is on maternity leave, but we managed to steal a guest host from the past (don't ask) and she's got a secret to reveal: Missy has never seen Rocky! Join us as we revisit this tale of punch-drunk love and introduce Missy to the handsomest, dumbest man in Philadelphia.

Episode 38 - Waterworld

It may be one of the most dragged movies in history, but Hannah loves Waterworld, so in solidarity Ryan and Amanda are gonna power through it. Spoiler: it's not quite as bad as all that. Stay 'til the end for a confession to end all confessions, plus some time paradox nonsense and a shocking twist!

Episode 37 - Scarface

Is Scarface the ultimate dude movie, or can two Millennial women learn to love Tony Montana and his zany adventures? Join us as Amanda and Hannah watch Scarface for the very first time. This should go well.